sinnovec Coaching


Change is possible with my accompaniment. You successfully integrate innovation into an existing environment. I use a wide range of methodologies and instruments, which I consciously apply according to your specific requirements. These are only some examples of coaching situations:

  • Integration, Post-Merger: How do i integrate new ideas into established structures, without losing the values of both and using synergies successfully?
  • Turnaround projects: Organizational reorientation following changing framework conditions such as new reporting structures or change of ownership, new regulations, political will, etc.
  • Coaching of team processes
  • Personal coaching of Executive Managers and Board of Directors
  • Mentoring for women in executive positions within the energy sector


As an experienced moderator, I can ensure that you and your team will be successfully guided to your intended objective with the required tact and sensitivity.

  • As an unbiased and neutral observer, I ensure that you don’t lose sight of your intended objective while taking a critical perspective
  • My sessions are designed to facilitate meaningful discussions – as brief as possible and only for as long as necessary.