«I got to know Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter in various mandates as a competent and independent personality. She quickly gets to the essential points, has a good judgement, a sound knowledge of human nature and asks the right questions. It leads a committee to well-founded and easily implementable bases for good actionable decision bases.»

Dr. Thomas Hefti, Chairman of the Board of Directors, SN Energie AG

«In view of the Energy Strategy 2050, the development of sustainable strategies for the energy industry will be crucial. Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter brings the necessary knowledge in accompanying the energy utility: focused, systematic, competent and likeable.»

Michael Frank, Managing Director, VSE

«Dr. Wohlfahrtstätter has supported us several times at investor events. As a panel discussion leader, she focused on our goals as clients and the needs of investors and industry representatives. Her expertise, professionalism and likeable manner contributed significantly to the success of the events.»

Dominik Meyer, Head Sell Side Credit Research, Bank Vontobel AG

«Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter was a very good sparring partner for me; solution-oriented and with a good feeling for both factual and human aspects. She listens, questions critically and is capable of changing perspectives. All this at eye height with the people involved at all levels.»

Cyrill Weber, Managing Director, Zuger Verkehrsbetriebe ZVB

«Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter supported our strategy process in a methodically clear way. She inspired us to break new ground and led us successfully within the framework of our specific needs. In the future we will be able to react more quickly to market changes.»

Ernst Uhler, Managing Director, Energie Zürichsee Linth AG

«Claudia helped us to analyze our options in the liberalization of the electricity market for large customers. Her reports provided clarity to define the procurement strategy. If you are looking for honest and highly competent energy strategy advice, you have come to the right place.»

Ladina Gilly, Associate Director, CSCS Swiss National Super Computing Centre

«The board of directors, the members of the cooperative and the management were impressed by Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter's workshop moderation on our strategy days. The result was a strategy that we all worked out and on which we can now build.»

Dr. René Jenni, Chairman of the Board of Directors, TopPharm Genossenschaften

«Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter's strength lies in her ability to keep track of complex, novel and multilateral tasks, to steer the various processes and to guide all those involved in a friendly, caring but always calm and determined manner.»

Dr. René Burkhard, Managing Director, Pronovo AG

«As part of the Novartis culture change «Un­bossed Leadership», Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter gave a lecture on entrepreneurship and risks to around 100 managers. The participants were enthusiastic and appreciated above all the authentic way in which she responded to questions.»

Andy Tran, Head Strategic Portfolio Management, Novartis Pharma Stein AG

«Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter offered us a reflected outside view of our company. Within a very short time, she has familiarized herself with our unusual business model and helped shape our strategy process with the necessary distance and yet with great competence.»

Philip Gassner, Managing Director, SwissFarmerPower Inwil AG

«Goal-oriented, pragmatic, professional and in a pleasant way persistent and critical - we arrived at an implementable strategy with just a few workshop sequences. We appreciated the cooperation with Claudia Wohlfahrtstätter very much! She also dealt very well with our particularities and our not always simple starting position.»

Beat Oppliger, Chief Public Prosecutor of the Canton of Zurich